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Company Intends to Submit Plan to Regain Compliance

Norcross, Georgia - May 1, 2006 - Intelligent Systems Corporation (AMEX: INS) has received notice from The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) that AMEX has determined that the company is not in compliance with a certain condition of the continued listing standards of the AMEX.  Specifically, AMEX noted that the company’s shareholders’ equity was less than $4 million and losses from continuing operations were incurred in three of the four most recent fiscal years.  

To maintain an AMEX listing, we must submit a plan by May 26, 2006 which demonstrates to AMEX that the company will be back in compliance with the continued listing standards within a maximum of 18 months from the date of notification by AMEX. We presently intend to submit a plan for AMEX to review by May 26, 2006. 

 The Listings Qualifications Department of AMEX will evaluate our plan and determine whether we have made a reasonable demonstration in the plan of an ability to regain compliance with the continued listing standards within 18 months.  If AMEX accepts our plan, we may be able to continue our listing during the plan period, during which time we will be subject to periodic review to determine if we are making progress consistent with the plan. If AMEX does not accept our plan, we do not submit a plan, we fail to make progress consistent with our plan, or we are not in compliance by the end of the 18 month period, AMEX may initiate delisting proceedings with respect to our Common Stock.   Under AMEX rules, we have the right to appeal any determination by AMEX to initiate delisting proceedings.

Our Common Stock continues to trade on AMEX under the symbol INS; however, our trading symbol will have an indicator .BC added as an extension to signify our noncompliance with the continued listing standards. Within five days of the April 27, 2006 letter from AMEX, our company will be included in a list on the AMEX website of issuers that do not comply with the listing standards.  The .BC indicator will remain as an extension on our trading symbol until we have regained compliance with all applicable continued listing standards.        

About Intelligent Systems Corporation

For over thirty years, Intelligent Systems Corporation [AMEX: INS] has identified, created, operated and grown early stage technology companies.  The company’s consolidated subsidiaries include VISaer, Inc. (www.visaer.com), QS Technologies, Inc. (www.qsinc.com), CoreCard Software, Inc. (www.corecard.com), (all software companies) and ChemFree Corporation (www.chemfree.com) (an industrial products company).  Further information is available on the company’s website at www.intelsys.com, or by calling the company at 770/381-2900.

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