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Below are selected excerpts from media coverage about Intelligent Systems Incubator Program.  

Nine years after graduating from its incubator program in 1990, Georgia-based PeachTree Software was acquired by England's Sage Group, one of the world's largest accounting and payroll software providers, for $145 million. (PeachTree continues to make accounting software for small businesses.)

Incubators and their success stories.
Forbes.com November 3, 2006

The incubator's four-member senior management team has served on the boards of 15 public and private companies, worked as CEO's at four companies.  They off offer plenty of free advise to tenants.  "We consider it part of our investment", says Director Bonnie Herron It's paying off; some 75% of the graduates are still in business or have been acquired.

Birds of A Different Feather  
Business Week (Winter 2005)

Nurturing Success : Starting and growing a business can be stressful, especially all the hassles relating to managing office space.  Thanks to Intelligent Systems Corporation's business incubator - recently renamed Gwinnett Innovation Park - entrepreneurs can wave goodbye to those problems.  Whether they need expandable space, expert advice or even venture capital, companies have found the incubator to be a warm and hospitable home for three decades.

Hatching Success: Gwinnett Innovation Park incubates new businesses
Gwinnett Business Journal, August 2005

"For-profit incubators in Atlanta can best be likened to designer blue jeans.  For the sake of this little analogy, let's assume that the Intelligent Systems Incubator is a pair of good ol' Levi 501s.  It's basic, not very sexy, just gets the job done."

 Catalyst Magazine, March 2001  

"On paper, the office is about 145,000 square feet.  In person, it seems more like a city unto itself.  The vast majority of the area is dedicated to the incubator that ISC runs, the Intelligent Systems Incubator.  A tiny fraction is set aside for ISC, which has spent many years operating the incubator.  It has spent even more investing in and partnering with a wide variety of other young technology firms.  Many of them, such as Peachtree Software, have become huge successes."

Gwinnett  Magazine, May 2000 

"What ISC does is find entrepreneurs with good ideas and invest money in them.  The figure is usually between $500,000 and $1 million, but its been as small as $25,000 and as large as $4 million.  The investment is part of a partnership in which Intelligent Systems lends the entrepreneurs its expertise in a variety of areas, from business planning to educational programs."

Atlanta Journal Constitution, February 2000  

  "…high tech startups are coddled by a team of industry veterans that include the center’s founder, Leland Strange, a Technology Hall of Famer who founded Quadram Corp., a PC hardware pioneer; director Bonnie Herron, who used to run business development for Quadram; and Frank Marks, an ex-product developer for IBM. Entrepreneurs clamor to become residents at the 150,000-square-foot industrial park in order to tap the management aegis of these directors, who remain on tap to give advice".

FORTUNE July 20, 1998  

   "Already acknowledged as one of the foremost private incubators in the United States, Intelligent System’s Shared Resource Technology Center can add another feather to its cap. One of its companies, ChemFree Corp., has been named the Incubator Company of the Year in the manufacturing industry by the National Business Incubation Association".

Atlanta Business Chronicle, April 9-15, 1999  

Technology Center raising winning brood in Gwinnett."

Atlanta Journal Constitution, June 1998 

"Even if Intelligent Systems never invests in a [incubator] company, there are other benefits to having so many small companies together in one space: the entrepreneurs mingle, providing an extra creative boost…. Companies also have access to the accumulated wisdom of J. Leland Strange, Intelligent Systems CEO and Bill Goodhew, chairman of Navision Software US and formerly CEO of Peachtree Software."

Atlanta Business Chronicle, Feb 26-Mar 4, 1999 

"Current and former incubator companies employ more than 800 people and occupy approximately 375,000 square feet of real estate, mostly in Gwinnett County."

digitalsouth, July/August 1999   

"Intelligent Systems has launched the state’s first Internet incubator for small businesses."

Atlanta Business Chronicle, January 20, 1999 

"Emerging Internet companies feed off the infrastructure that is already in place for other companies [in the incubator]: fiber optic lines, T1 lines, direct Internet connectivity with a top-tier Internet service provider, on-site telecommunications services and network and Web specialists."

NBIA Review, April 1999