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Below are comments from entrepreneurs involved with Intelligent Systems partner and incubator companies.

"When we added more people and needed more space, we considered alternative space but decided to move to expand to a larger office in the Gwinnett Innovation Park.  Keeping the existing infrastructure and having furniture included meant we didn't have to invest in them.  The move was pretty painless." 

Tommy Madsen, CEO
(current incubator company)


For most of my life I have been involved with sports, constantly training and competing, experiencing both disappointments and victories.  Winning came because we had a great coach and a great team.  Creating a winning business is my sport now and many of the same elements exist - just the stakes are bigger.  The most important addition to our team has been our coaching staff, Intelligent Systems: they have been a tremendous coach, having real experience, in all the areas necessary to growing a winning business. Their advice and seasoned knowledge has guided us to notable victories in marketing, sales, finance and building a great team.  They know when to help and when to let us find our way, but they always keep us on target for victory.“

Lindsey Tanner, Founder and CEO
CoreXpand, LLC
(current incubator company)

"Intelligent Systems has been an ideal partner for AfterBOT at our stage of development.  They've provided us with valued services and flexibility, allowing us to focus resources on our key success areas."

 Tim Hannifin, CFO,
 AfterBOT, Inc.
(current incubator company)

“We have been associated with Intelligent Systems for over two years and the knowledge and experience they bring to the table has been invaluable. Their insight and ideas have allowed us build a solid foundation for our firm even in these challenging economic times.  We believe this relationship has provided us with a competitive edge that will continue to bring us positive returns to our bottom line for years to come.”

Michael Gunther, President 
Corexpand, LLC
(current incubator company)

“I think you are offering an exceptional value for startup entrepreneurs.  In my last company, we started in an inexpensive executive suite.  The price was right but we had no options for expansion, no voice mail, no network connectivity, no qualified technical help, and most of all, no access to the business advice offered by you, Leland and Bill.”

Clarke Bishop, President
(current start-up incubator company)

“I really respect the competence of the management and staff at Intelligent Systems.  The incubator provided us with the appropriate corporate image which was important as a start-up selling to big customers.  We would never have been able to grow as quickly as we did without your help”.

Joe Willis, President and Founder
Corporate Solutions International

(former incubator company acquired by Alltel) 

“They were there when we needed help in our earliest days.  What's more, ISC took an equity
 position in Commetrex that allowed us to get through those critical early years.  Now, we count the ISC management team among our close professional friends.”

Mike Coffee, President and Cofounder
Commetrex Corporation
(former incubator and venture company)

“TrueShopping was well matched with the Intelligent Systems Incubator from the outset. We wanted economical yet complete facilities, some advice and feedback, and the freedom to refine and deliver on our promise. We did NOT want to compromise our vision, replace our management team or give away a substantial chunk of equity. After validating our plans,  Intelligent Systems provides exactly what we want, when we want it, at reasonable cost.”

 Paul Ismail, President and Founder
(current incubator company)