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 ChemFree Corporation, the leader in bio-remediating parts washer systems, designs, manufactures and markets a line of environmentally responsible parts washer cleaning systems under the SmartWasher® trademark.  The SmartWasher® system uses a proprietary, advanced bio-remediation system that cleans automotive and machine parts without using hazardous, solvent-based chemicals.  Its proprietary aqueous cleaning solution and bioremediation process eliminate hazardous chemicals and waste and improve workplace safety.  Unlike traditional solvent-based systems, there are no regulated, hazardous products used or produced in the cleaning process and the SmartWasher® system is a completely “green” solution. 

 ChemFree’s markets include the automotive, transportation, industrial and military markets.  ChemFree products are used worldwide by companies with fleets of vehicles, by individual and chain automobile service centers, by equipment rental companies, by manufacturing plants and by the military for vehicle, aircraft and weapons maintenance.

 ChemFree has numerous U.S. and European patents covering its SmartWasher® system and protects its proprietary fluid and filters as trade secrets.  ChemFree has won a number of industry awards recognizing the superiority of its innovative SmartWasher® system.

 Intelligent Systems consolidates the results of operations of ChemFree Corporation in its financial statements. For more information on ChemFree, please visit www.chemfree.com.


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